The Trans4mation


Reshape your body.  Change your life now!

I lost 100 pounds without a diet or exercise!


I have grown tremendously since T4. I have been able to understand the how, the when the why, and where this all began. For me it began before weight gain.


I've been transforming for about six weeks.  I no longer emotionally eat and my clothes have definitely been fitting better


Seven pounds down...lost two more!  Is this even possible? I feel like the scale is going to yell JUST KIDDING! at some point!  I am no longer letting food control my life.


I've been on many diets and lost a lot of weight in my life but this is the first time I have received Peace about food.  My clothes are loser but I don't even care about the weight loss.  This is about so much more!  Thank you so much


I have a sense of empowerment.  I can choose to eat or not eat!  Freedom!  I no longer allow food to control me!     


In less than two months I have lost over 30 pounds but more amazing is that the swollen stiff knee of mine is gone!  I am more in touch with my emotions.  I am a better me than i was before T4.


Excited to announce I have lost four pounds since I started a week ago.  Making better choices is getting easier.  Looking forward to this journey.


Jaye said...

I had my six month check up with my doctor today.  I am so excited to share that I lost 40 pounds, had my blood pressure meds cut in half and finally received the referral for knee replacement surgery I was told I couldn't get without losing weight.  When he asked me how I did all of that in six months, I said, "I didn't.  I did it in three!"  I told him all about The Trans4mation!  He was in total agreement with the four facts! Thanks so much Stephi!

(Jaye is my Mom! That's why she gets her own space :-).

4 Simple Facts

1.  Modern Wheat and Processed Sugar are Poisonous, Addictive Drugs.

2.  Movement is Necessary, Exercise is Not.

3.  Obesity is a Symptom, Not a Disease.

4. On This Journey, Together is Better!

I thoroughly researched these facts. I discovered that when understood and applied to a brand new way of eating and living, my mind cleared, my heart healed and my body reshaped itself.

I am FREE...

FREE from morbid obesity...FREE from food dependence...

as a result of these 4 simple facts!


The Trans4mation is a Brand New Paradigm in the World of Weight Loss!

Who would have thought there was a simpler, gentler way to lose weight?  I sure didn't!  But to the amazement of my friends and family, I have dropped over 100 pounds without a diet, without exercise, without shots, shakes, surgeries or pills! I didn't have to starve myself and I haven't avoided social events. I danced, I drank and I had a blast as I slid down the scale without hunger or fatigue! It seemed like a miracle. But in researching these 4 simple facts, I found that my journey is normal, natural and makes all the sense in the world. It is replicable, it is reliable and it works! It works for everyone who works it. I wrote a short, succinct book to tell folks about the 4 simple facts and have considered it an honor to watch people all over this country change their minds, change their bodies and change their lives!

Weight...gone.  Medications...discontinued.  Hearts...healed.  Lives...changed.


I had nothing more than those 4 simple facts and a burning desire to know everything I needed to know about what had happened to our food supply, how beneficial mindful movement was, and what the real causes of my obesity were.          I found a friend who was willing to take this journey with me and she and I lost a combined 160 pounds together, over the course of the next year. You can do this!

Become a Trans4mer!

If you don't want to figure all of that out on your own...

If you want the knowledge it took me months to learn, by reading books and combing through articles and watching documentaries...

If you want a committed group of folks already walking this path, who are ready to cheer you on and pick you up as you go...

then scroll down for a special offer!

2015, 282 pounds

2016, 182 pounds

2017, 162 pounds

Trans4mer Results!

Holly, 52F, lost 6 pounds in 6 days.

Nicole, 30F, lost 3 pounds in 6 days

Barbara, 73F lost 4 pounds in 8 days

Roman, 71M, lost 15 pounds in the first 18 days.

Jennifer, 43F, lost 3 pounds in 8 days

Tammy , 47F, lost 4 pounds in 6 days

Ina, 76F, lost 2 pounds in 3 days

Dave, 65M, lost 10 pounds in the first 7 days

Jaye, 72F, lost 56 pounds in 4 months

Barbara, 57F, lost 7 pounds in the first 4 days, 19 pounds in 3 weeks, 30 pounds in less than two months

What You Get

The Trans4mation breaks down the 4 simple facts and reveals what has happened to our food and our bodies as a result. It describes the difference between movement and exercise and why the latter is completely unnecessary. Then it tackles the deeper issues which surround obesity and reveals how by building a brand new tool box, we can finally let go of food dependence, once and for all. Lastly, T4 describes why a community of others walking this road is a must.

The Trans4mation Recipe Book is full of over 70 recipes and variations to help turn your kitchen into a lean, mean, Trans4mation machine!  A handy reference section includes the tools and gadgets that make this way of eating and living super convenient and amazingly easy.

24/7 Online Group Support in our private, secret Facebook group provides all of the ongoing education and encouragement you need to turn this program into a practice! We're not just changing how we eat, here. We are changing our lives! Let the Trans4mers who came before you share your journey and show you the ropes, as only they can! This support will continue for as long as you desire to participate!  The Trans4mation Nation is committed to your success!

Online Video Conference Meetings are our way of staying connected and authentic as we do this work.  Specific dates and times are posted and are a login away using  The Trans4mation Support Circle Meetings and The Trans4mation Orientation Meetings are a surefire way to keep your program on-point, whether you're  experienced or brand new to the program.

 For the very first time, I am using the power of technology to spread the T4 message. Be among the first wave to respond, and you can join the Trans4mation Nation for less than half the usual cost.  There is nothing to buy again EVER! Read the book, join the Tran4mers support group, and you're on your way to changing everything you ever thought you knew about obesity, dieting and weight loss. You can be free from obesity forever!

If purchased separately, these T4 Starter Packs are an $80 value.  They are being offered once at $39.99, until they are gone. Be among the first wave to join The Trans4mation Nation as it enters the world of the interwebs!  :-)

It is my honor to walk this road with you.